Financial support

100% of donations go towards sustaining and growing the project. 

There are two primary ways to support the program and make a huge difference in the lives of these youth.


1. Program Support - These funds go directly towards food, transportation, and enrichment activities for the youth. Every bit helps and makes a huge difference.

2. Hardware - Most of these youth do not have computers in the home, which greatly reduces their ability to go home and continue learning. Through generous donations of hardware from individuals and industry we are able to give refurbished computers to many refugee families so that the learning never stops! (All donated computers are erased and reformatted for both security and optimization)

* In-kind donations will help us provide a more robust experience for participants. For in-kind donations, please use the contact form below to get in touch.


Donate a Computer

Donated computers make it possible for refugee students and the families to continue learning outside of class and build on the excited created during class. Whether you have an old computer around the house, or are replacing machines at the office we will work with you to receive, clean, reformat and deliver this hardware to families in need.

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